Who we are?

Annette Aangenendt

Hello, i like to introduce myself, my name is Annette Aangenendt.

Having been fortunate, from a young age traveling the world.

Driving off-roads in Africa and the middle east deserts for years.

My life style was only enhanced by my decision to live for the past 25 years on the island Ibiza to be able to create an authentic tour.


With knowledge and passion that is evident in all aspects.

That's to be shared with you..

Iris Kleefstra

Iris Kleefstra is responsible for organizing and the bookings.

For all their activities, from renting private cars, 4 wheel drives, scooters to beach safari's on Terschelling in the Netherlands,

She organize and do the bookings for the safari tours on the island Ibiza, and is happy to assist you with any questions you may have for bookings.

Douwe Wiegman

His company is located on the island Terschelling in the Netherlands.

Where he design, build and restore four wheel drives.

His car service is specialized in in maintaining chassis and carrossery, as well complete restorations and rebuilding of Toyota Land Cruisers and Land Rovers.

His cars are sold world wide.

he build the Toyota Land Cruisers we use for our safari business.

Visit the website for more information https://www.wiegman4x4.com or https://www.wiegmanterschelling.nl

Our partners

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The build of our Toyota Land Cruisers Safari vehicles

Our Toyota Land Cruisers are specially built in the Netherlands for Tourriffic Ibiza safari by Wiegman 4x4. We use the Land Cruiser LJ73 type with the 2.4 2L-T Turbo diesel engine and the coil springs for a comfortable ride. These Land Cruisers have been completely dismantled and rebuilt. The engines are also completely rebuilt and equipped with Koni shock absorbers and brembo brake discs and blocks for a safe ride. in the back we have fitted folding benches with EU approved belts. Safety first!

Below a few videos of the construction of the safari cruisers